Kevin Boateng:a slap in the face of racism

During the world cup, I saw Prince Kevin Boateng– a young man of mixed-heritage. His father is one of our own–his mother is of German descent. Now, I saw something whilst watching Kevin play for Ghana. I saw love–the kind of love which most of us have lost for our country. Mind you, he could’ve played for Germany. But, what did he do instead? He gave up his German citizenship in order to play for his father’s country. How many Ghanaians in diaspora, I ask, would give up their foreign citizenship to serve Ghana? Indeed, Kevin made us all proud during the tournament. To me, Kevin is a slap in the face of racism. Also, he is a perfect reminder that mixed-children, contrary to what some of us might believe, are not lost.

There are so many Ghanaian young ladies and men in diaspora, who have been told by their parents to stick to their own. Partially because; dating outside their own would mean a let down. As a result, some of them end up lonely and miserable. Others end up marrying a Ghanaian lady or a guy just because he/she is from Ghana. For the latter, sometimes their marriages end up in abuse in spite of both being of Ghanaian descent. Well, my advise to these Ghanaian young men and women is; don’t stick to your own, when you’re living in a foreign country–mingle. Don’t be afraid of what some might say. Love comes in all races, personalities, colors, and shapes. Go out there, I would say, and have lots of fun. Don’t let racism keep you away from anything or anybody. Remember, you wont grow if you stick to your own.


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