Join the Facebook Page ”Theorie van het Konijn”,Ghana’s own-Akwasi Frimpong

Today Soccer in Ghana is shifting its attention from football to athletics.Ghana’s proud son,Akwasi Frimpong is hoisting high the flag of Ghana in the Netherlands.Let’s support him by joining his  Facebook page “Theorie van het Konijn” a documentary film about, Akwasi Frimpong.This Facebook page of sprinter Akwasi Frimpong is to keep you updated about his film documentary, “De Theorie van het Konijn” (The Theory of the Rabbit)The documentary “De Theorie van het Konijn” tells the story …of Akwasi Frimpong, aka Golden Sprint. Akwasi was born in Ghana and came to the Netherlands when he was eight years old. The success smiles at him as he became the Dutch Youth Champion of 2003 on the 200 meters sprint. He is widely seen as the new sprint talent of Amsterdam Souteast. Every night he trains under the guidance of his coach and former athlete Sammy Monsels on the track under Subwaystation Kraaiennest in Amsterdam South East, The Netherlands. Their goal? To reach the Olympics. The road to the summit is long and full of highs and lows. The film has been selected as one of the best 2010 films in the Netherlands.

Did you know he is the son of Ghana’s gospel diva ‘Esther Amoako’?

The link to the page is:

Akwasi Frimpong


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