The kid from Ghana-Freddy Adu(The Overrated American)

Each season a number of youngsters are signed by top clubs as the future of the game. Unfortunately, a slim minority actually gets to the point where they prove the hype created around them.These guys have been in the spotlight while they were really young, now they’re going through the tunnel of shame! Nasty stuff.

Freddy Adu was highly-super-mega-hiper-giga-tera hyped, because he was one of the star players of his league at the tender age of 16…but it was Major League Soccer.The US media compared him to Pele—they even met. The hype would soon reach Europe and the headlines paved Adu’s way.

Adu went on from D.C. United to Benfica. US fans expected Adu to blossom, whereas Benfica fans could only see the millions that this young boy could mean to the Portuguese side, if he would be sold to a richer European side.During his first season Adu failed to establish himself in the squad. He played in the reserves and struggled to make it to the bench.One season later he would be loaned out to AS Monaco, now his future remains uncertain.He is now plying his trade in the Greek League.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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