Sex scandal hits ex-Ghana striker Tony Yeboah

Tony Yeboah has rejected accusations by former Zimbabwe coach Charles Mhlauri that the ex-Ghana striker was engaged in immoral sexual act with his wife.The sexual act was said to have happened during Ghana’s disappointing showing at the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.The accusations were made by former Coventry and Birmingham City striker Peter Ndlovu who wrote in his column for a UK website claimed that he knew the Ghanaian striker and is a friend of coach Mhlauri.The duo (Yeboah and Ndlovu) came to know each other during their playing time in England where the ex-Ghana striker had a successful stint with Leeds United.But Yeboah has rejected the accusation by Ndlovu insisting the Zimbabwean striker is a nominal friend.“Not too much of a friend,” Yeboah saying he knew the Zimbabwean through ex-Coventry City player Nii Lamptey.“I visited Nii Lamptey and it was there I met Ndlovu,” the now successful businessman Yeboah said.“I don’t know where this is coming from. I wasn’t even in Egypt in 2006 for the Nations Cup.“I must say with all sincerity that these allegations are completely false and not good for my image.”However the celebrated Ghanaian legend has shown no signs of pursuing the issue any further and hopes people take him for his word.

This is the full transcript of the allegations made by Ndlovu in his monthly column on which was republished on a UK website;

Sex scandal hits Tony YeboahPeter Ndlovu

Ndlovu’s column:

‘We had just played our final group game, ending on a high by beating a strong Ghana side but still crashing out of the tournament. At the hotel that night we decided to have a few drinks and toast to our victory. I had invited my friend, who I can’t name for legal reasons (fans of English football will remember him from his highly successful period with Leeds United), along as he had been watching the match.The lads started giving my friend a lot of stick for his country’s loss, especially our head coach. My friend was taking it quite gracefully but, as a proud Ghanaian, I could sense his patience was wearing thin. Nevertheless, the drinks kept flowing and so did the jokes.

It came to the end of the night and some of the lads had disappeared to bed, most notably our coach and my friend. Now during the whole tournament the manager had personally entered the hotel rooms of our most lazy players (Benjani was the worst) and pulled them out of bed in the morning to get ready for training so myself and a couple of the other lads decided to repeat the routine on him. We got the keys from reception and seven of us bundled into his hotel room at 4 a.m. To our horror it was not our coach who we found in bed, it was my friend. The worst part was that he was having sex with the coach’s wife!

I quickly rounded the boys up and ushered them out of the room, frantically hoping to keep a lid on the situation. After all, it was I who invited him to the party! We found the coach in one of the hotel bathrooms. He had had far too much to drink and crashed out.The next morning, at breakfast, I quizzed my friend about what happened and he delivered a line which I will remember all my life:“When a man insults my country, I insult him by taking his woman“Our manager did eventually find out about the incident and I think he separated from his wife for a period. The last I heard though was that they are back together and he’s now coaching in the USA.


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