Are footballers obliged to give back to society?

Most African football stars started life from a humble and rather difficult background. However, their economic and social status went through a speedy transformation and began to live luxurious lifestyles in Europe forgetting their roots.They are under no obligation to give back to society what they have earned legitimately, but impacting society is part of their social responsibilities.

While some show off their material gains  some few good ones, despite finding fame and fortune in Europe, have never lost sight of those they left behind in hardship. A growing number of footballers have shown remarkable social responsibility by giving back to the society which developed their young talents.
Ghana’s midfield general Michael Essien is a typical example. He has not forgotten his roots.

After watching Saturday June 18th’s edition of TV3’s  DIVAS show, I realised how ungrateful and shallow minded some Ghanaians could be.TV 3‘s Nana Aba Anamoah who is the host of the show invited Afua (Jane Awindor), Confidence (Big Brother Africa), David Addy (Black Stars) and Vesta (had never seen or heard of her before the show).Vesta replaced Addy in the latter part of the programme.

Nana Aba actually brought Vesta on for that short period to just insult Essien. She said she wouldn’t date Essien because he is short and that he couldn’t speak in public. I don’t have a problem with that. She really surprised me with some of the things she said. ’ Just 2 boreholes?He should build a school for his community’. She went on to say that the Michael Essien Peace match which took place last month in Accra was of no importance and that Essien had done nothing.The Bible never lies and I now understand why Jesus was not even accepted by his own,“A Prophet Has No Honour in His Own Country”

Essien has set up the Michael Essien Foundation to raise funds to give the underprivileged of his home town access to basic amenities like healthcare equipment, libraries, public toilets and clean drinking water. He is also involved in several charity work including the ‘Reading Goals’ to inculcate reading habits in students.

What has Vesta done for her community? Does she know the cost of one borehole? Where are our politicians? Is Essien a politician? Is he obliged to carry out such duties?After all he worked for his money and he can decide whatever he wants to do with it.

What footballers can do politicians can’t do. Ghanaians should give Essien a break.


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